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Eeek! Blood Moons! 

Blood moons. The Sabbath Year (Shemittah), The UN meetings, ISIS, Radical Islam, The Supreme Court, Putin, the Iran Nuclear deal, etc. What’s going on? What does it mean for me? How do we as Christ followers respond to it all?
No doubt if you’re online much at all, you’ve probably read or heard a lot about these topics in the month of September. Some of you roll your eyes and keep scrolling. Others read erroneous teachings, panic, and get consumed with fear. There needs to be a balance here. Don’t ignore what’s going on by sticking your heads in the sand, but don’t go overboard by retreating from the world into your underground compound either.
So what’s the deal with this Blood Moon idea? Some say its complete nonsense and is a conjured up idea by a couple of prominent authors. Others have read a great deal more into what the actual teaching is.  Unfortunately the mainstream reports it as “Christians say that the end of the world is coming on September 28th!” That’s not what the teaching is, so please don’t be misinformed.  Is it yet another one of the many converging signs that we are living in a unique time in history? Sure, I believe it is.
The fact is, God said that the sun, moon, and stars would be used for signs (Gen. 1:14). Think about it. The sun stood still as a sign to Joshua in battle. The sun moved backwards as a sign that King Hezekiah would heal from his sickness. A star led the wise men to Jesus.  So why could God not use cosmic signs again to signal something else?  He can, and perhaps he has.
September 28th is the last blood moon in the current Tetrad. A tetrad is simply 4 blood moons in a row, separated by roughly 6 months. Blood moons by themselves as we know are not that rare. However, a tetrad is rare. Here’s the thing that makes the current tetrad we’re in unique; all 4 blood moons landed on Jewish Feast days. That is very rare. It’s happened 3 times over the past 500 years. Each time it occurred, something significant happened with the Jewish people (persecution in Spain 1492, reborn as a nation 1948, and took control of Jerusalem 1967). Those were major events for the Jewish people and the tetrad began within a year of those events. So, if these are signs for us to take notice of, they concern Israel and the Jewish people as a whole. It does not, however, suggest that the “catching away” will occur that day, nor that Christ will return that day.
There are more than blood moons or Sabbath years to consider; much more. Culture is changing. The line between right and wrong is fading. The line between Christ-centered and world-centered is getting blurry. Even grounded Christians continue to navigate the waters, trying to figure out, “How would Jesus handle this or that?” The answers are not always easy to conclude either. Therein lie several questions for the Church today. What do we do in our shaking world? Do we go sit on the mountainside and hope our interpretive viewpoints prove to be true? Do we go take hope to the hopeless? Do we continue to “make disciples of ALL nations?” Do we love the loveless? Do we welcome the weary? Do we let our light shine on the darkening of our world, like the early disciples and apostles did? Where does the line between compassion and compromise fall? Some of these questions have easy answers. Others do not. We need the council of the Holy Spirit as never before.
Of course Jesus took His message of love, hope, peace and salvation, to the weary, the hopeless, the outcast, and the sinner. He most often left them with a challenge. Some took His challenge (the woman at the well). Others did not (the rich ruler). The question is, will we as a Church take His challenge?
Shane Bowers