The Year of Christian Movies?

What’s happening in Hollywood? There are a slew of so called, Christian based films either out, or coming out in 2014. Many of these films are big budget, high tech productions.  A few of the more prominent titles are Son of God, Noah, God’s Not Dead, Heaven is For Real, and Left Behind. 

I get a chuckle over the number of facebook and twitter posts from Christians over how the producers have SO messed up the story. The most notable movie that’s received the most criticism is Noah. I heard much of the criticism before I ultimately watched it. Why did they call God the Creator? (Maybe because the names Yahweh, YHWH, I Am, Jehovah, etc. did not come into play until hundreds of years later?) Who were these fallen rock angels? (Perhaps a VERY loose interpretation of the Nephilim in Genesis 6?)  What about the wives of Ham and Japheth; where were they? What about the weird stowaway on the Ark? On and on we could go.
Please don’t see any of these movies if you are looking for a Sunday school lesson. The producers of these movies are not teaching Christian Theology 101. As a matter of fact, the producer of Noah is an outspoken atheist. He recently bragged in an interview with the Washington Times that Noah is the “least biblical biblical film ever made” (The Washington Times, 3/24/14, Cheryl K. Chumley).  He is a producer that put his own spin on a well-known story in order to cash in. I went to see the movie because I like action movies, not because I wanted an atheist to explain part of the book of Genesis to me.  (By the way, I did not really like the movie. It was just too dark and drab for my taste.)
Having said all of this, I do not discount the amount of good that can come from the onslaught of movies inspired by the Bible, even though blatant inaccuracies abound, and even though it might be told from the perspective of non-Christians in some cases. It’s got people discussing the Bible! That in itself is great. The sad truth is that our generation is largely illiterate when it comes to knowing God’s Word; even the Christians. Too often we only listen to what our pastor’s, small group leaders, Sunday school teachers, or what so called “Christian movies” (gulp!) have to say, instead of reading the Bible for ourselves. My prayer is that the conversations happening will simply peak the curiosity of both Believers and non-Believers to open their Bibles and see what all the commotion is about.
Until the next blog post, be blessed!
Shane Bowers

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  • Brian Brannock

    Brian Brannock Barnesville, Georgia

    You sir, are the man. Singer, father, husband, philanthropist, and above all: loving follower of God.

    You sir, are the man. Singer, father, husband, philanthropist, and above all: loving follower of God.

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